Julian Warowioff, Lemonaid Beverages


In his role as Managing Director for Lemonaid Beverages, Julian is responsible for the UK expansion of German soft drinks brands Lemonaid and ChariTea, after heading the Social Enterprise’s successful market entry in Switzerland in 2013.

Their recipe for success? Instead of following the trend of using concentrates or flavourings, Lemonaid is made from pure organic fruit juice and ChariTea is real brewed iced tea from whole leaves, all sourced from small-farming cooperatives around the world. In addition to using only Fairtrade and organic certified ingredients, an additional 5p from every bottle is donated to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. This way, more than £1.7m has been raised to date to support social development projects in the countries where the ingredients are grown. 

As part of the company’s social involvement and sourcing principles, Julian has travelled to farming communities and projects in Paraguay, Africa, India and Sri Lanka, to understand the benefits of organic agriculture and Fairtrade practices both for the land and the communities involved.