Natt Boarer, Chilli Mash Company

Natt Boarer .png

A serial entrepreneur, Natt has fed this desire having identified and developed successful businesses since the age of 15. From media to food, there isn’t anything Natt won’t try his hand at. The latest venture, Chilli Mash Company, came about from a culmination of these experiences and the realisation of a direct gap in the market.

Per contingency theory, Natt has put this success down to finding that there is nothing that can be called the ‘right strategy’ since one can be improved/adapted in the next scenario. No single set of circumstances is the same; understanding the need to adapt and understand the environment is of upmost importance.

Chilli Mash Company has grown from strength to strength, with an ever-expanding client list and facilities. This has now further extended to the production of products for other companies and the hiring out of facilities during kitchen down-time. From assisting with up-scaling from the home kitchen to large chains requiring support. This aspect especially has been quick to grow and Natt has been in the centre of this, working with clients and helping them understand their own potential. An example of the company’s recent success, is one of the company’s products reaching the Amazon Top 80 over Christmas, outselling many top brands, including Cadburys and Hendricks Gin. 

Natt will be joining the panel on "How to find a manufacturer" on Thursday in the Shoptalk Room. Get your tickets here

Tara Sundramoorthi