Oliver Dickinson, WOW Food & Drinks

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Serial entrepreneur, Oliver Dickinson, 27, is the founder of health drinks brand, WOW. 

Oliver’s entrepreneurial career started at 16 when he founded a guerrilla marketing agency, employing 12 people by the age of 17. After graduating from university, Oliver launched a SaaS product and exited the business three years later at the age of 23 to pursue his true passion, food and drink. 

In 2015 WOW became the first company to gain EU wide FSA approval to make chia seed based drinks. Oliver launched the brand simultaneously in to the UK, Germany and Austria, with France and Scandinavia following less than 12 months later. He has since diversified WOW’s portfolio of products to a total of 4 ranges (with more to come) which are now stocked in over 6,000 stores in six countries across Europe. 

Whilst the WOW team has worked hard and enjoyed exciting growth, Oliver does not hide the battle scars and openly admits to having already ade every mistake in the book along the way. From drinks blowing up in investors' cars to branding blunders and production mayhem, Oliver ow enjoys sharing his experiences so that others can avoid making similar mistakes and concentrate on adding value and gaining velocity.

Oliver will be joining our panel on "How to find a manufacturer" in the Shoptalk room on Thursday.  Get your tickets here

Tara Sundramoorthi