Jayne Noblet, The Seed Fund

Jayne Noblet.png

My day job is running a design and marketing agency specialising in food and drink called The Collaborators. The Seed Fund is a rather large and really rewarding 'side project' that has taken root and grown far more than I ever expected it to. It's supported by a plethora of incredibly generous industry professionals. Between us we now help 12 brilliant new businesses each year.

My own background started in retail with M&S in the 80's, then off to London design and innovation agencies, before setting up The Collaborators 10 years ago. I've been involved in the launch of some wonderful brands for many global food companies, but these days my heart is with the brave founders that want to start their own food enterprises.

Jayne will be chairing a panel on "How to Seed Fund your business" on Thursday in our Shoptalk Panel room. Get your tickets here

Tara Sundramoorthi