Eve Yankah, BEPPS Snacks


Eve Yankah, a 31 year old mum of two young children, is the Founder of BEPPS, the UK's first range of Black Eyed Pea Puff Snacks. Eve grew up eating black-eyed peas as part of her daily diet and her lightbulb moment came when she needed a nutritious and tasty snack for her daughter Gigi, a typically picky eater. Unable to find anything on the market, Eve thought about using black-eyed peas, her own childhood staple at home; to create deliciously moreish puffs that her whole family now enjoys.

BEPPS nutritional values, calorie count and good source of protein and fibre, means its a good snack for both adults and kids; something founder Eve, was keen to achieve. In fact, she recalls sketching the original BEPPS pack design in her notepad whilst pregnant with her second child Ozzy.

BEPPS launched to market in March 2018 with three delicious flavours: Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Cheese. Less than six months later BEPPS landed its first nationwide supermarket launch, with the full range going into 479 Tesco stores at the end of August. By the end of Y1, BEPPS plans on having a nationwide distribution of 3,000 points in the UK and retail sales in excess of £1million.

Eve will be joining our Fine Food Digest panel on "How to access and approach buyers” on Thursday. Get your tickets here.

Tara Sundramoorthi