James Shillcock, Vivid Matcha


James Shillcock is Vivid Matcha’s Founder and CEO. Aged 25, Matcha mogul James launched Vivid Matcha with an ambition to create a brand that developed natural products to sharpen the mind. In 2013 matcha was unheard of in the UK despite being a huge part of Japanese culture thanks to its potent health benefits. James had discovered matcha whilst visiting Asia and subsequently working for a tea business in the UK. James realised the potential and set out to take on the food & drink giants by creating a range of matcha green tea drinks that would not only be a UK first but would subsequently spark the creation of all a whole new category; since Vivid's launch matcha mania has well and truly swept the UK with Starbucks, Pret, Nestle, Coca Cola and many more jumping on the band-wagon.

Vivid Matcha source organic ceremonial grade matcha from Japan and they are now officially the UK's number 1 matcha drink having sold over 2 million servings of matcha. Vivid Matcha is available in leading retailers across the UK (Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Selfridges, Wholefoods and many more) and in over 10 countries through Europe, North America and Australasia. James's belief is that the mind is our most important asset. His commitment to improving mental performance and wellbeing extends well beyond drinks and you should expect to hear about exciting new developments from James in the near future. James is also the Co-Founder of J F Rabbit’s, the UK’s leading vegetable water brand.

Tara Sundramoorthi