Amelia Harvey, The Collective

amelia harvey

Amelia is the Co-founder of yoghurt business, The Collective. Amelia (and the late Mike Hodgson) formed a joint venture with the original New Zealand based business in 2011. Since its launch onto UK shelves 5 years ago, The Collective is now one of the UK’s fastest growing food businesses with retail sales currently measuring over £24m and growing rapidly in a category that’s stagnant in growth. Before starting The Collective, Amelia was Commercial Director at Gu Puds and part of the management team that grew the business to over £35m before its sale to Noble Foods in 2010. Prior to that, Amelia held roles at L’Oreal and Kelloggs. Amelia studied Marketing in Glasgow and has recently attended London Business School. Amelia’s passions lie not only in business growth but the developmental growth of her team, many of whom are just starting out in their careers.

Tara Sundramoorthi