Guka Tavberidze, Savse


In 2013 I founded Savsé with the mission to shake up the drinks industry. The idea for the brand originally came about when I was growing up in Georgia, when my mum was told she was suffering from an iron deficiency. She bought a juicer and started experimenting with different fruit and veg combinations. From then on the whole family was brought up drinking our greens.
Fast-forward to London in 2011 when I was working in an intense sales environment, often working seven days a week. During this time I found myself wanting a healthy drink to keep me going but none of the smoothies on the market matched the great taste and health benefits of the ones my mother was making at home – they all seemed to have a synthetic taste. Armed with my mother’s recipes and a personal investment of just £250 before seeking further funding from my uncle, I created Savsé.
Savsé was launched in 2013 exclusively with Selfridges, and is now stocked in over 10,000 stores nationwide. Savsé means “crammed full” in Georgian, and was chosen because the smoothies are crammed full of goodness. Unlike other smoothie brands, Savsé uniquely cold-presses its ingredients to retain the essential goodness. This means no artificial colours, preservatives and absolutely no added sugar. Today Savsé is officially the UK’s fastest growing smoothie brand and this year we went on to launch My First Savsé, Europe’s first ever cold pressed baby food.

Tara Sundramoorthi