Paul Rostand, Great British Biscotti Co


Paul Rostand’s ‘food pioneering’ ways began with a Brand Innovations business that married new foodie thinking with tracking down appropriate manufacturing partners and then taking the resulting cutting edge concepts before the UK’s leading supermarket and foodservice ‘new innovation’ panels.

Past milestones include: traditional Italian gelato, frozen herbs & wood oven pizzas.

In 2015, an opportune meeting with a fledgling New Forest Biscotti Co convinced Paul that a timely renaissance in high-end artisan foodie offerings & a more discerning UK coffee movement meant now was the moment for him and his tight-knit huddle of fellow foodies to enter the manufacturing fray and breathe new life into a timeless biscotti format that had long since lost its way. 
Paul recognised that the UK’s unrivalled biscuit know-how provided the perfect backdrop to challenge conventional biscotti thinking. 
Paul and his fellow biscovites were convinced that the craggy double-baked biscotti provided the perfect setting for all manner of sweet and savoury flavours to prosper, challenging the long-standing notion that almonds and biscotti must always be inextricably linked.
Such big ‘biscuity’ thoughts needed an altogether more ambitious brand name and so in 2016 the Great British Biscotti Company (GBBC) was born.

Tara Sundramoorthi