Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, Mallow & Marsh


Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie founded Mallow & Marsh with £250 an electric whisk and a big dream. She famously turned down investment offers from dragons Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones in 2014, and has built a business that is now on track to turnover £2m this year.

Harriot’s vision is to change the face of confectionary by pushing the boundaries of innovation, making sweet treats “so much more exciting than people ever knew”. Anyone who has tried a Mallow & Marsh can taste this vision coming to life through the uniqueness in flavour, texture and format. She spotted an opportunity to create a lighter treat that brings together traditional techniques with modern ideas and premium ingredients. Harriot is passionate about food and start-ups, and dedicates time to helping inspire others set up their own businesses.

Tara Sundramoorthi