Sophie Clyde-Smith, Welltodo

sophie clyde-smith

Sophie Clyde-Smith is the Careers Manager for Welltodo; a leading service-based company that specialises in the wellness industry. Helping people build incredible businesses and careers in wellness across a variety of sectors including Fitness, Athleisure, Technology, Beauty and notably - Food & Drink, Welltodo has worked with the likes of HelloFresh, Pana Chocolate, Plenish, The Pure Package, Core Collective and many more. 

Heading up Welltodo's expert careers function, Sophie supports job seekers through bespoke careers coaching programmes as well as working closely with entrepreneurs, business owners and hiring managers, to help them source top talent in the wellness space. 

Sophie is passionate about helping people realise their potential and lead happier and more fulfilled professional careers. She is also a champion of a strong organisational culture and advises clients on how to embrace and implement effective strategies, specifically in relation to growing and keeping their team.

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