Stephanie Brooks, Boa Vida Açai


I was an account manager at Wieden+Kennedy working on Lupak's advertising when I started taking a real interest in health and paying attention to the food I was eating. It was 2014 and we hadn't heard much about dairy-free, non-refined sugar or superfoods at this point. I read up on açai, thought it sounded incredible and took my curiosity to the Brazilian Amazon. I fell totally head over heels for the jungle, for Brazil and its fun, positive people. I created Boa Vida in an attempt to import the best of Brazil, by way of premium, pure and sustainably sourced açai. I now work with an NGO to source açai directly from farmers and visit the Amazon once a year to help with community projects. Boa Vida is stocked with Planet Organic and distributed to cafés and restaurants throughout London. I'm still as crazy for premium & pure açai today as I was 3 years ago and my love for Brazil remains. Saudade.

Tara Sundramoorthi