Martin Dewey, Square Pie


After graduating from Bristol University with a degree in Economics and Politics a long time ago, Martin actively avoided any form of career path and enjoyed a wide range of experiences including managing a reggae band, internet start-ups and various restaurants including the first ASK.  He eventually realised he wasn’t good at working for other people so acted on his long held frustration at not being able to find a decent pie and started Square Pie - the UK’s first gourmet pie business. He has overseen every angle of growing this award winning brand and now has a great team around him allowing him to focus on the food and creative side as well as exploring new opportunities for the business. As well as growing their group of British fast casual restaurants they also now supply their pies and mini pies to an increasing amount of leading retailers and foodservice customers. If you haven’t tried one of their amazing mini canapies please get in touch!  

Tara Sundramoorthi