Rebekah Hall, Botanic Lab


Rebekah is the CEO and Founder of Botanic Lab, the innovative drinks business making waves in the UK market, with products taking over the shelves of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Eat, Gail’s and many more retailers. Her strategic vision and business acumen are the driving force behind Botanic Lab, bringing ideas to life and driving the business to success in a very competitive market.

Rebekah followed her studies in economics with a successful 10-year career as a city corporate financier. She has a tough and pragmatic approach to business, developed and fine tuned in a challenging and sometimes ruthless environment. She is a firm believer that one of the key personality traits required in a successful entrepreneur is resilience, in bucket loads, preferably accompanied by a sense of humour. Rebekah is a regular speaker at female focused and entrepreneurship events, providing an honest and refreshing insight into the process of building a brand.

Rebekah will be part of our panel on "How to find a manufacturer" in the Shoptalk room on Thursday. Get your tickets here.

Tara Sundramoorthi