Theadora Alexander, Young Foodies


I’ll never forget eagerly answering the phone on my first day at Propercorn to be greeted with more angry jargon than my experience could handle, “Alright darling – where are my pallets then? You’re taking the mickey now”. The truth is, I had no idea what a pallet was, let alone where his were. I was lucky enough to be “Head of Everything-that-nobody-wanted-to-do” – the Operations and Strategy Director – and enjoyed the growth from five to 45 employees, from our field sales team consisting of just our mums to it becoming a nationwide army.

After the best four years of my career, I packed it in to help the most exciting brands achieve their visions. But very quickly, I spotted inefficiencies. Everyone was asking the same questions, tripping on the same hurdles, and paying for the same know-how. No one was alone in searching barcode requirements for hours, or in not knowing if the cost price is a good deal, or in studying nutritional values until their eyes can’t see them anymore. But everyone feels alone…And in operations, finance and product, when you’re either at the factory or in the office, finding the opportunity to share knowledge and pains is not easy. So, I put away my notebook and decided I would focus on doing everything I can to simplify the complicated and break down the walls between brands, building a powerful community to make the business of being a foodie start-up easier and more fun.

Tara Sundramoorthi