Rowena Price, Gill Jennings & Every LLP

Rowena Price photo.png

Rowena leads GJE’s specialist Food & Drink team. She works with food & drink businesses at home and abroad at every stage of their lives, from high-growth start-ups through to some of the most instantly recognisable brands in the market.

Rowena has experience right across the sector, from sauces and food kits, confectionery and cakes, baby and toddler food, healthy ranges, beers, wines and soft drinks, and food and drink ingredients, through to other key stakeholders in the sector such as supermarkets and other retailers and restaurants and bars. She helps each client build the strongest possible brand portfolio, designed around their specific commercial aims and tailored to protect their brand and revenues, both in the UK and abroad.

Many of her clients are UK-based but with a keen focus on the export market, often with a view to investment and growth, or exit. In helping her clients develop and implement the right brand protection strategy, Rowena helps businesses to choose, clear and register trade marks in the UK and internationally; to monitor what competitors are doing and raise a challenge where brands are too close (including defending against incoming challenges); to resolve issues with trade mark and domain name squatters; to manage trade mark portfolios and build value in the business; and to get companies ready for investment and/or exit, including the inevitable due diligence on their IP. 

Rowena will be part of our Growth Lab workshops on Thursday, get your tickets here.

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