Andrew Skinner, TQS food Consulting ltd.

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Andrew Skinner is a Food technologist, microbiologist, past Chairman and Fellow of The Society of Food Hygiene & Technology, author & entrepreneur. Andrew Skinner has worked in the food industry for over 40 years and in his own words, has seen the good, the bad and some downright ugly food business operations.

In that time, he has dealt with literally thousands of food products, suppliers and product specifications and labels. He formed TQS Food Consulting in 2002, initially working by himself and today the TQS Team currently stands at 6 people encompassing a skills-set covering Food Auditing; Supplier Assurance; GFSI (BRC) & SALSA Standards; Food Safety, HACCP & Sensory Training; Supermarket and Raw Material Specification Generation & Writing; Labelling Support and Advice with a client portfolio stretching from the west coast of America to mainland China.

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