Tessa Stuart, Asset Research


Tessa works with both global food brands and dynamic start-ups: from Unilever and Dole to innocent drinks, Wahaca, Rude Health, Yorkshire Provender, Firefly Tonics, MOMA! Foods, Daylesford, Leon Restaurants, Itsu, Collective Dairy, Peters Yard Crispbreads and Jimmys Iced Coffee.

She uses in-store shopper research at the store shelves to test the impact and appeal of new food products. She helps food brands to adjust their customer offer, sizing, branding, and pack messages, so they can attract MAXIMUM attention and sales from shoppers in the super-competitive supermarket aisles.

She is the author of the best-selling books Packed: The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide – How To Get Noticed and How To Get Bought, and Flying Off The Shelves: The Food Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling, available on Amazon and Kindle. In these she shares her 20 years’ food research experience in a tried and tested set of principles to get start-ups from idea, to a product on the shelf, and to THE next household name. And, once there, how to stay there!

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