Writing a Killer Supermarket Pitch Deck

Time & Date

Wednesday 03 June 2020

Starting 18:30 at:

Joelson, 30 Portland Place, London W1B 1LZ, United Kingdom
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Ending 20:00

If you are are planning on pitching to a UK supermarket you’ll need a killer Pitch Deck to dazzle the buyer and let them know that your brand will drive incremental growth in their category. This workshop, run by an ex-Buyer, will give you an A-Z guide on how to build the best deck.

About our Workshops

Our evening workshops are a great way to focus on a particular area of your food business. Super specific and super intimate, these workshops have limited places so that our industry experts can really hone in on the issues you’re facing and give you the support you need to get your business where it deserves to be.

About this session on ‘How to Write a Killer Supermarket Pitch Deck’

When you approach and meet a retail buyer you have one opportunity to wow them, and your biggest asset is your pitch deck. As an ex-buyer at Waitrose our workshop runner Chris has seen hundred of pitch decks; good, bad and ugly. In this workshop he clearly spells out what it should include, what it shouldn’t include and how you can use your pitch deck to seal the deal. More specifically it will cover:

  • How a buyer thinks
  • What a buyer needs
  • How to get a meeting
  • How to prepare for the pitch
  • What to include in your pitch deck and what to avoid
  • Creating a category story
  • How to impress the buyer in the meeting

About the Speaker – Chris Whittaker, CW Consultancy

Chris runs CW Consultancy, where he works with entrepreneurs and brand owners to develop their commercial strategy and prepare their pitches for major retailers. Previously, Chris spent almost a decade working for Waitrose, during which time he has been a buyer for Dairy, Milk Alternatives, Chilled Juice, Superfoods and Canned Goods. He’s worked with a number of startup brands to bring them into their first listing in a major multiple retailer, including Savse, Plenish, Naturya, Simplee Aloe & Sibberi, and has held various NAM roles including at L’Oreal and BOL.