Using the iphone to get killer content for social media

Time & Date

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Starting 18:30 at:

Live Zoom Webinar
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Ending 20:00

About our workshops:

Our evening workshops are a great way to focus on a particular area of your food business. Super specific and super intimate, these workshops have limited places so that our industry experts can really hone in on the issues you’re facing and give you the support you need to get your business where it deserves to be.

About This Session – Using the iphone to get killer content for social media:

In this digital age, everyone walks around with tiny computers in our pockets – our phones! Use this to your advantage and get your brand heard with mobile video. James, founder of Giant Peach Agency will share his top tips on how to create kick-ass videos that will fill your IG, FB and TikTok accounts with killer brand content using just your phone. The workshop will cover:

  • Steady does it – How to get the best shots using your light/small and inherently difficult to keep stable phone
  • Let there be light – Lighting tricks, tips and secrets
  • Orientation & Composition – What format should you shot in to get the best results
  • Be Heard – Why sounds quality is more important than you think
  • Get creative with apps – Learn which apps will make your life much easier and more creative
  • Bring your iphone and a product sample so you can test your skills as they develop

About the Speaker – James Read, Giant Peach:

Giant Peach is an ethical digital agency that was founded by James in 2005. What initially started as a business in his spare room has organically grown into a successful digital agency with a team of 12 Peaches now based in a converted barn in a fantastic rural setting in the Wiltshire countryside.

James is a passionate entrepreneur with a wealth of creative and technical knowledge, he leads his team with respect and unwavering dedication to his vision: to create a cutting-edge creative business with agility and sustainability at it’s core.

Giant Peach deliver website projects that generate results, working with brands that already do good things the Giant Peach team use their expertise in all things digital to help their clients make an even bigger difference.